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Queen Size Saferest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

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The Saferest Premium mattress protector benefits from a smooth pure cotton terry area, which isn’t only water resistant but is extremely smooth, relaxed and quiet too — no crinkling during the night! It provides a comfortable sleep to you and your family members.

Queen Size Saferest Premium Hypoallergenic

Saferest focuses primarily on mattress covers, encasements, and protect mattresses, assisting to maintain your sleep is relaxing and not stuffed with the unpleasantness of dull and stinky build-up on your mattress. And when in comparison to other protectors in its classification, Saferest Premium mattress protector definitely keeps up. Let’s talk about the Saferest mattress protector, my personal examining of the item, and how well it keeps up to its guarantees. Allergic reactions, animals with long hair or pollen, and increasing kids are just a few of the causes to think about defending your mattress. Consider the bed bug outbreaks that sometimes start in flats or the way things like scalp can actually develop upkeep a fragrance. It’s essential to use something to protect your mattresses to increase their life provided that possible.


Protection Perhaps the most essential analyze of a Saferest Premium mattress protector is to go all out and try to crack the declare, especially when the maker is declaring 100% waterproof security. That means I should be able to flow a glass water or any fruit juice on my covers with zero flow through. So, that’s what I did, to analyze defense against water and fragrance.

I began by first sleeping on the mattress with the coverage, to evaluate comfortableness and smooth and to find out more about how to allow air through it really was. It seemed to do well with not enabling my sweating, which can get fairly bad in the night, to run through. The mattress was absolutely dry.

Heat Retention

At first, I didn’t see an issue with getting warm. After all, the top levels were light and allow air through. But about midway through the night, I began to get a little too hot for my satisfaction. This is actually common of all mattress protectors since they do have the waterproof underlayer. I wouldn’t contact this a don’t succeed, since there are so many other appealing things and it didn’t keep me up all night.

Queen Size Saferest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

Spill Test

What I did realize that continues to be outside of the costly, top quality conventional was that the liquid did not run into the Saferest Premium mattress protector. However, it merely spread across and stayed on top, never in contact with the mattress, smooth towel, or rubbish bag. I consider this an effective project.


The Saferest Premium mattress protector consists of hypoallergenic pure cotton terry materials, which make a smooth but waterproof development. You can order it in a wide range of dimensions to fit your bed. I have a queen-sized bed, and though the protector seemed a little bit large, the flexible on the edges assisted fit it effectively to the bed, allowing me to put it a little further. The detail of the coverage is made to fit up to 22 inches, making it just like other components of its category and will fit most mattresses.


Perhaps the best way to explain the overall impact of the Saferest Premium mattress protector is to say that it creates the biggest enhance you can give such an item. I would believe in it to protect my mattress from liquids, scalp, substances, and other such unpleasant pieces, throughout the assurance.  I would put my trust Saferest to support real to the assurance and substitute it for me.

Editor Review
+ Positives:
  • Cotton Terry content for breathability and quiet use
  • Deep flexible sides
  • 100% waterproof covering
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 10-year warranty
  • Affordable
- Negatives:
  • Held in warm a little too much for my liking
  • Doesn’t fit the bed
  • quite right