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Kenmore 72482 Refrigerator review

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Kenmore 72482 Refrigerator Refrigerator has plenty of storage options as well. The multiple crispers give you more storage flexibility with two large, auto-humidity managed crispers and a smaller center crisper. A little products bin keeps the little things structured and in view.

Kenmore 72482 Refrigerator

Kenmore is a range of refrigerator types for all costs. In our assessments, the product ratings continually well, at the top level. KitchenAid, Kenmore and LG French door refrigerators with icemakers are with better repair-prone. When we compare Kenmore 72482 refrigerator with other brands of Kenmore and GE top-freezers with icemakers are repair-prone than Frigidaire and LG top-freezers with icemakers.

Like the LMXS30786S from LG, the Kenmore 72482 refrigerator is a powerful entertainer that provides adequate area for storage area and many useful features. It’s about as well rounded a refrigerator as I’ve examined, and though the design is nothing innovative, I’d have no problem suggesting it for anyone looking for a cost-effective update. The formal MSRP rests at a significant $4,000, but I’ve seen it promoted for less than $3,000 — a steeper-than-average retail store lower price that’s not unusual by Kenmore requirements.

Design & Usability

The Kenmore 72482 refrigerator center drawer attracts air from the refrigerator and allows customers to choose between four unique temperature ranges changing from 29°F to 42°F.

The design helps the consumer arrange foods, and can even make a refrigerator more family-friendly: Fill up the main drawer with drink and snacks, and other offerings for the children and they will have no reason to face with the main doors open awaiting motivation to stick. BBQ lovers can also use it as a specific various meats drawer, or party serves can use it to store bottles and dairy products.

Beyond that, both refrigerators have shiny LED lighting, smooth-sliding storage space, and a lot of area for storage that’s both available and in many places adjustable. Controls are along the top of the frame around the main fresh foods area, making the ice and the water dispenser with an acceptable, innovative look.

Kenmore 72482 Refrigerator

Dependable performance

The Kenmore 72482 refrigerator controlled stably in the test for climate-controlled, where we recorded the minute-by-minute temperature ranges in its various racks and storage shelves over a 72-hours. Calculating those numbers out gives you the conditions in each area. As you can see up above, everything organized limited to the objective temperature of 37 levels in the main body of the refrigerator and the left-door racks. The right door ran a little warm, but only just a little bit — not a bad result at all, considering that the top of that right door is the butter bin, which operates heated by design.

You can see rises during defrost cycles and door openings, but they are not particularly fat rises, such as the fridge is taking temperature back down successfully and is not ever sitting above the objective temperature for too long.

High-End Excellence

The Kenmore 72482 refrigerator contributes the 4th drawer to fantastic foods maintenance. You will have difficulties finding a better refrigerator.

The only thing keeping this remarkable appliance from our wholehearted suggestions is its price. The fact is, the Kenmore 74025 is a nearly similar design less a center drawer, and it’s currently on promoting for about $1,000 less. The now discontinued, four-door KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS did almost as well as the Kenmore 72482 refrigerator in our assessments.

The verdict

Kenmore 72482 refrigerator is the best appliance with a lot of space for your all types foods and this model symbolizes one of the best possible principles in a French Door Refrigerator on you need to. A versatile interior space and innovative design hints make a powerful value undertaking for the critical, though budget-conscious consumer.

+ Positives:
  • Space Saving Design
  • Convenience
  • Variable Temperature Settings
  • Smaller Footprint
- Negatives:
  • Costly
  • Heavier Items at the Bottom