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Force1 F100 Phantom GoPro Drone review

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The is one of our preferred drones.

Force1 F100 Phantom GoPro Drone

The F100 is identical to the JMX Bugs 3. The Bugs 3 is one of our preferred drones and the Force1 F100 Phantom GoPro Drone has a few benefits over the Bugs. To begin with, it looks better. Both the drone and the distant look a little more refined than the Bugs. Second, the F100 provides the Force1 brand that indicates you will get support from a US company, should you run into any problems. Lastly, the F100 gives you a necessary second battery power so the fun does not end when your battery does. The F100G RC quadcopter is both nimble and tough and comes with a mount for a GoPro Hero 3 or 4 so that you could get top quality photos. As you can see in it below, it can be traveled in breezy climate and still allow for a managed travel.

Perfect For Video & Photography Lovers – Developed for an super silent travel to make sure that your GoPro camera choices up little background disturbance of noise to boost the truly amazing quality of your audio and videos; This is also ideal for going into “stealth” mode and coming up on your friends and family! It is practical High/ Low-speed mode allows the learning curve for newbies pilots.

The Force1 F100 Phantom GoPro Drone is also an excellent beginner/intermediate drone for still photography and areal videography. It comes with High/Low Speed ways, which allow for higher control when it comes to getting the most ideal taken.

Taking Excellent Video with the F100

The smartest factor about the F100 is its flexibility. Few drones out there are cost-effective and can have an action camera or fly quickly like the F100. We have even been able to fly our F100 with a two-axis Walkera gimbal for extremely constant areal video. It is a fantastic update for about $50. Who needs a Phantom anyway? Just click here to explore including a gimbal. We still LOVE our Phantom by the way, but this is a fantastic option for the individual on a price variety who wants some constant high-quality areal photos.

Force1 F100 Phantom GoPro Drone

Flying FPV with the F100

Since the F100 flies quick same as the racer, why not add FPV. We sleeted a cost-effective camera and transmitter on Amazon and it suits magnificently in a location of the top side LED. Traveling FPV is an excitement. We have even used the Walkera gimbal and the FPV camera with an action camera simultaneously. If you want to know, more about FPV just click here.

How to Add FPV

First, you will have to get a camera and a transmitter. You can get a cost-effective combination quite well from Amazon for less than $30.

Should I Buy the F100?

The F100 and F100 Phantom are both excellent looking brushless drones. If you are looking for a drone operates with your GoPro, then get an F100. Do you want to add a backing gimbal for even better pictures? Choose a Force1 F100 Phantom GoPro Drone. Do you want something that can zip around considerably quicker and with better control than an applied motor drone? Choose a Force1 F100 Phantom GoPro Drone.

The Force1 F100 Phantom GoPro Drone is a lot of fun to fly. If you are looking for something a little tamer and want complete HD video then you may want to consider the MJX Bugs 2. It is a GPS drone with some awesome functions.

User Review
+ Positives:
  • • Optionally available HD Camera
  • • Highly effective and Effective Brushless Motors
  • • Versatile
  • • Take flight with your mobile cell phone:
  • • Boost your selfie game:
  • • Perfect explorer stunt drone for kids:
  • • Your little boy or girl will be an expert flyer
  • • 2 batteries & USB charger:
- Negatives:
  • • No FPVRa
  • • No GPS/Altitude Hold