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X-Elite Pro Table Adjustable Size Status Review

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The X-Elite Pro table comes up as a simple solution for those looking for a height-adjustable work surface. Its woodgrain wood laminated top and lightweight makes it attractive to home marketplaces and first-time customers. Unfortunately, it does not have both a keyboard tray and to be able to back up monitor arms too, significance we cannot suggest it for any type of regular computer use. but it is the best table for laptop use due to its adjustable features.

X-Elite Pro table is an adjustable standing table converter, which goes up and down with convenience with the help of a lift. You will appreciate its big space as your stand-up workspace with guaranteed of productivity and comfort. This laptop-standing table gives you an ergonomic desk height range to select from. It is completely constructed, and so you will begin experiencing the health advantages of sitting less and standing more instantly.


There is no set up needed on the X-Elite Pro table. You just need to remove it from the item packaging, put it on the desk and you are prepared to begin with standing while you’re working.

Build Quality

The X-Elite Pro table uses an x formed base with a gas cylinder that helps in the lifting process. The item features like a pressing board. The base broadens as it becomes smaller and it is lowered as it is raised. The elements used are inadequate and there is little focus on the deal. The top is a laminated particleboard. While the top seems resilient, there are several blemishes on the side banding. The gas cylinder is noisy and the paint rollers used on the base of the base keep oil marks. The paint top quality is also inadequate. Several spaces of the unit revealed very recognizable paint blemishes.

X-Elite Pro Table


The X-Elite Pro will need 24.25”W x 16.5”D of table space for the base to fit. The platform is bigger than the base. The complete approval for the unit will be 28” x 20”. The movement pattern is upright and down so the amount of approval will be the same at all levels.


At 27 lbs., the X-Elite Pro is going to be a bit too large to take with you from place to place. However, it does fold down to a very thin 2.5”. This will let you take the unit on and off the desk. When on the desk, it is hard to slide it around so you will want to use this unit in the same identify it is placed on the desk.

Adjusting the X-Elite Pro table

There is an individual handle discovered beneath the end of the task surface. You can turn it to have the handle on the left side or you can use the item with the handle on the right side. Pressing the handle will open up the unit and allow you to go it up or down. The movement is helped by an individual gas cylinder. The cylinder does an awesome job of supporting your movement on the way up. It requires very little attempt to increase the unit when the cylinder allows. Modifying the unit down is a bit more challenging. The cylinder makes sure that the unit does not drop from high levels but you will need to use quite a bit of power to get the unit moving from the highest levels downwards. The X-Elite Pro table does have unlimited height modification so you do not have to select between pre-determined levels.

User Review
+ Positives:
  • Arrives Fast with No Assembly
  • Stability
  • Infinite Position Lock
  • Versatile Single Platform
- Negatives:
  • Poor Packaging
  • Lacks Ergonomics
  • Lacks
  • Safety