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Best Smartphones Buying Guide and Reviews

  • Best Smartphones, Buying Guide and Reviews
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • Huawei P20 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • LG G7 ThinQ
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  • OnePlus 6
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • Honor 10
  • Huawei P20
  • LG V30
  • Samsung Galaxy S8

Best Smartphones Reviews and Buying Guide

Buying Guide: You need a smartphone, and you need it now. Maybe it is your first cell phone, maybe your agreement is up for renewal, or maybe you just dropped the last one in the toilet. Fear not. There are many proper options out there and we have quick tips about how to select the best smartphones that are right for you.

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How To Select A Smartphone

The best smartphones will take the best location of you, mean your iPod does not leave your desk drawer and allow a working day of web browsing and calls without the need for a recharge.

If you want a top quality and top-of-the-range cellphone from the likes of Samsung or Apple, you should expect to spend an at least $900 to $100 in your banking account. Models in this range typically have a large, extremely vibrant and detail screen. In addition, they will have all the additional features – which can include anything from heart speed monitor to a fingerprint reader to waterproofing and fast charging. For around $500 mark, you will discover smartphones with a good digital camera, long battery and an outstanding screen.

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iOS or Android: which OS is best?

An operating system is a system of software that powers your cell phone. It shapes what the cellphone menu looks like and what applications it can run. There are two main competitors to select from iOS and Android.

 Apple iOS

All iPhones use iOS and, in comparison with Android, the expertise of using the operating system is broadly identical whichever iPhone you buy. New updates to iOS are released annually, but some old iPhones may be able to run only old editions, only iPhone 5s, can run the latest iOS 11. If your iPhone is not compatible, you will overlook some of the latest security patches, applications and features by Apple for Apple devices.


Android is developed by Google and is used by now by most of the manufactures, even the bigger brands such as LG, HTC and Samsung to more emerging companies like Wiley-fox, OnePlus, Huawei, and Oppo. Android looks and behaves a little bit in a different way depending on who manufactures best smartphones, but the basics are fundamentally the same.

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What Features You Will Want in Your Phone

What Features You Will Want in Your PhoneThe selection of the right cell phone for you can be tough, and you cannot trust most workers at stores to know what they are discussing about or to bull you in the right direction. We suggest that you shop around and get a hands-on with the smartphone you prior to purchasing. If you do not know much about the specifications, try to take along an experienced and skilled friend if you have one, but if not, and there are several of things you should think about when going to select the best smartphone.


If you want something you can use one-handed, then choose it up and try it out. Many smartphones today are glass front side and back, but that makes them prone and fragile to streaks, so they would not suit everyone. Ensure the fingerprint sensor position you prefer as well, they are usually being moved from the front to the rear side. The right design for you should look and feel much better.

Nice screen

You are going to spend much time looking at it, so maintain your smartphone screen is the ideal size for you and that it has a high quality. We suggest at least Full HD, which will be 1920p x 1080p or perhaps 2160p x 1080p if the cellphone has a modern 18:9 ratio.  1080 pixels or higher than these pixels smartphones will be sufficiently sharp. In the underlying technology, OLED screens have better contrast, with blacker than LCD screens, and we prefer them overall in the selection of good smartphones. Both Apple’s iPhone X sports OLED and Samsung’s Galaxy range screens, but you would not discover them at your budget range in the marketplace.

Good performance

This will mainly be determined by two things: The RAM and the processor. The processor is the most essential factor in the best smartphones, and newer is often better in conditions of both efficiency and speed. A series chipset of Apple tends to outperform competitors. For an Android cellphone, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 is currently the best in performance. Now to point is how much RAM you need in your smartphone, but we suggest looking for at least 4GB. This does not apply to iPhones, however, because they cope with storage management in a different way and do not require as much RAM. If in doubt, study opinions or have fun with your prospective smartphone in a store to evaluate it.

Up-to-date OS

If you buy a new iPhone, then you will get the latest edition of iOS on it, but this isn’t always true with Android smartphones. Because they often apply their own user interface on top of Android, it can take a while to get the latest updates, and you may not get upcoming editions of Android upon their release if the manufacturer decides not to update. Only stock Android smartphones from Google, such as the Pixel 2, are guaranteed to get immediate and consistent Android updates. The present edition to look for is Android 8.0 Oreo, but Android P is just around the corner. You should try to get the latest edition of OS smartphone you can.


Be careful of hobbled or bloatware features, particularly if you are purchasing Android smartphones. Sometimes providers block specific features or change the default. Manufacturers and carriers also often add many applications that are superfluous, and you may realize that you cannot remove them.

Battery life

Removable batteries are rare today, so you want to choose a cellphone that will be able to keep up with you. Look into the agreement on battery power in opinions. The mAh rating will give you some indication, but the capacity is also affected by the monitor size, quality, and application, so you need to look beyond the amount.

An outstanding camera

Smartphone cameras have come on in extreme measures over the recent years. The selection can be bewildering, but it is significant noting delicious camera efficiency is about a lot more than just a great megapixel count. If you can evaluate the cellphone out for yourself, you certainly should, but you will also discover useful details in opinions, and we do many digital camera shootouts here at Digital Trends.


We use a benchmarking device to look for the smartphones that will easily speed through both daily tasks and demanding tasks, such as running graphic-intense games, and those that hard to keep pace.


The latest smartphones usually have enough storage made in. When 16 GB smartphones were common and they had 10 GB used up out of the box, you could run out of space precariously easily. We suggest an at least 32 GB, but 64 GB is better. You will obviously need more space if you like to load your MP3 collection.


We mentioned the perils of glass smartphones concisely, but if you buy a glass cellphone and you are vulnerable to dropping it, ensure to get a case to protect it. You should also get a cell phone with some water-resistant. The top flagships tend to have IP67 or IP68 ratings today, which indicate they can be engrossed in water without damage. Even low-cost best smartphones often have some water-resistant.

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List of Our Selected Top 15 Best Smartphones

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones reviews

the best smartphones reviews 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a big cellphone that is made for big hands and it requires the very best of what is on the smartphone market and puts it together in a convincing package that we have loved testing, despite the highly effective competitors.

Screen: The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with AMOLED 6.2-inch high-end screen calculated as one of the very best screens used in cellphones, with outstanding dynamic range, super colors, and the very best looking experience you can have on a smartphone.

Battery life: Battery on the S9 Plus is better than that seen on little-sized S9, thanks to the 3,500 mAh battery power in the Plus model – although it is probably the feeblest section of the cellphone, not providing as much life as we would have liked.

Camera: Galaxy S9 Plus camera is with the best result in the marketplace, and the dual-aperture capability provides some amazingly outstanding images when things get a little darker.

Colors can seem to be a bit washed out when the exposure is greater, but the ability of the sensor, with memory developed into it making it smarter than most opponents, provides very low-noise images.

Mini verdict: Samsung Galaxy S9 is your best choice after a bigger cellphone with all important options and features; the Galaxy S9 Plus is that and more.

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  1. iPhone X

iPhone X review, specification, features and buying guide

iPhone X - best smartphones reviews 2022

No doubt, iPhone X is the remodeled Apple cellphone that iFans have been crying out for and it is now our best cellphone around thanks to a SIM 100 free price fall seeing it hit £899.

It has an all-new shape, the amount at the top and heavy price, but it is the best iPhone that is ever been made too.

Screen: The 5.8-inch OLED screen is the best screen Apple has ever crammed into an iPhone. It is far ahead of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, for so numerous reasons: the quality, the sharpness, the proven reality that it fills the whole front side of the cellphone, and the reproduction of color.

Battery life: The battery power of iPhone X is great but it is by no means, the best in the category. If you are a very heavy customer, you might struggle to last more than 12-hours but for most users, it will perfectly last a whole day.

Camera: iPhones Cameras have always been amazing, and the iPhone X has also an exceptional camera. You will find the iPhone X is often awesome, providing still images that are rich in detail. Perhaps, not quite as awesome as the Pixel 2, but is still right up there with the best.

Mini verdict: iPhone X is one of the amazing and fantastic cellphone to buy comes with little extra features, you really love taking out of your pocket or wallet is of great benefit.

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  1. Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 smartphones reviews

the best smartphones reviews 2022

The Huawei P20 is easily the best cell phone that business has ever produced, and it is troubling the top of our map. Huawei has so much right status and worth, and it now truly it is set up the same as the Apple and Samsung top best smartphones option.

Screen: The 6.1-inch screen is only Full HD, but that does help with battery power. This is actually probably one of the weakest parts of the cellphone, as it does not have the large reproduction of its opponents, but it does have a screen protector pre-fitted, which is a contact.

Battery life: The Huawei P20 Pro will get you a day and half of light to average use – it goes down after a complete month’s effort, filling it with applications, but even still, we are getting an outstanding day’s hard use, which is great.

Camera: You are the stand apart feature on the Huawei P20 Pro, providing three contacts… and they are actually useful. The quality is pin distinct thanks to awesome image stabilization, the application photo optimization is great and having that 40 MP sensor has been enhanced well by Leica permanently low light efficiency.

Mini verdict: The overall image you have to over have the P20 Pro is the reason you might not be acquainted with the business, but not only is Huawei a worthy competitor to Apple and Samsung, but it is the most likely to get the bigger price drops first

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S9

the best smartphones reviews and buying guide

best smartphones for 2022 reviews and buying guide

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is not quite the cellphone that the S9 Plus is. It only has only one camera sensor, for one, but it is a more palm-friendly model that still packs the top image quality of its siblings.

Screen: A QHD 5.8-inch screen requires up most of the top side of the cellphone and it is still an awesome and stunning design. Brighter, more colorful and able to show the best of videos, the Extremely AMOLED tech is once again displaying itself to be the smartest part to look at on a smartphone.

Battery life: Battery timing is a little disappointing for a top-end smartphone; it means you will need to think about a top-up during the day if you are a harder customer. Wi-Fi and quick charging abilities help with this though.

Camera: It is only one sensor on the rear of the Galaxy S9, in comparison with the Galaxy S9 Plus; it means that it is not nearly as outstanding at taking pictures as we think. However, do not think the Samsung Galaxy S9 requires inadequate images, as they are still awesome, and in low light, it is a sterling entertainer, with very little disturbance.

Mini verdict: The Galaxy S9 comes with all the top-end features you would want. It is not quite at the quality of the S9 Plus, and the iPhone X outranks, it in a few methods – but it seems that is been noted, as we’re already beginning to see more aggressive pricing for Samsung Galaxy S9 look to galvanize interest, so see if there is a price that attracts you.

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  1. LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ smartphones reviews

best cell phones reviews 2022 buying guide

The latest model G7 ThinQ by LG is an awesome little cellphone in all famous brands, providing it an effective package and a good price in many regions. There is an attempt to right the wrongs of the LG G6 and it results in an outstanding option to the conventional big players.

Screen: you might not find LG’s super Bright screen not be OLED  as it prefers LCD here. Though it has LCD screen, yet it can deliver outstanding super lighting and it can handle Dolby and HDR10 Vision playback and it has the large, extensive look with a compact level. No doubt, it is one of the best choices.

Battery life: The LG G7 ThinQ is not the biggest on the marketplace when we check its battery power with 3,000 mAh but we see its screens in the efficiency. It is not terrible, with some clever backgrounds handling maintaining things going, but it will only last you around a day when others are beginning to eke into two.

The Camera: The camera here is great if you want to capture more of the image, with a much broader field of view to bring more details. The smart sensor attempts to perform out what is at the front of you – with good results, but only when it gets factors right. It is not the best digital camera out there, but you can take some astronomical images.

Mini verdict: It is so hard at top of our best smartphone list that the little modifications can make all the difference, and LG has offered up a tightly made package for an affordable price range as  it is just like many other top Android smartphones, but you will certainly have some elements to appreciate here in this smartphone.

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  1. Google Pixel 2 XL

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus reviews

best cell phones reviews 2022 buying guide

Google Pixel 2 XL is one of the best smartphones now a day available on the market. You will find all about the digital camera, with extensive screen and a broader frame for watching many contents. You will buy it for the images you can take, but the ability and latest Android improvements will impress too as Android P is getting close and it will carry some awesome changes to this cellphone first.

Screen: The Google Pixel XL 2 has an extensive 6-inch screen that is reasonable for gaming and movie playback, and it features an improved style over little-sized Pixel 2, with slimmer bezels housing its dual front-facing best stereo sound speakers.

Battery life: The Google Pixel 2 XL has outstanding battery power – you would not have a problem with it. It will perfectly last you a complete day under regular circumstances and with regular use and its ability to save power when it is not doing anything indicates it will last many days in a standby condition.

Camera: The digital camera on the XL is amazingly outstanding same as in the standard size Google Pixel 2, which is smaller. Photos look amazing, and they will please both serious and casual snappers alike. It is, however, not much impressive in low light conditions, where this cellphone shines –when we pair through Galaxy S9.

Mini verdict: Google Pixel 2 XL cellphone is for you if you want to go for the pure Android experience about the best HD camera on the marketplace, and with the high-resolution and large screen. Although it is a pricey cellphone yet it has great benefit if the above all mentioned features appeal.

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  1. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro reviews

best cell phones reviews 2022 buying guide

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is a cell phone that might not instantly be on your wish list of the best smartphones, but business has made large steps of late, and the battery power is something that outranks most on this list. If you are feeling that, it is here we are at a change; this is definitely value looking at.

Screen: The Huawei Mate 10 Pro comes with Full HD screen but it is not with Android competitors such as like the Note 8 and Galaxy S9 smartphones from Samsung. The screen on the Huawei Partner 10 Pro is great but you will not find it as remarkable.

Battery: The biggest difference that Huawei Mate 10 Pro has created with its competitors is its huge battery power. Huge at 4,000 mAh, it provides awesome efficiency, with the possibility of stretching utilization to 2 days from only one charge if you knock it to flight method overnight.

Camera: The dual camera setup is a solid point-and-shoot option on the rear, but it really performs exceptionally well if you dive into manual mode; if you are a camera enthusiast who is willing to spend a while fine-tuning, you can get some terrific images from the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Mini verdict: It is not the best looking or bristling with the most features, but the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is an excellent cellphone if you are looking for a large screen and the best quality battery power, and it is beginning to get even more competitive on agreement, far undercutting the best smartphones forward of it in this list.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reviews

best cell phones for 2022 reviews and buying guide

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was the new the brand’s phablet range was seen as an actual competing for the Galaxy S smartphones – the bigger screen and more power beginning to resonate with the average cellphone buyer. The S Pen is the actual factor of difference, and it is cool to always enjoy your notepad with you during your travel.

Screen:  The Samsung Galaxy Note maximizes Samsung’s dual rounded edges and nearly bezel-less Infinity Display concise where this cellphone seems like a little tab from the upcoming. It is more squared off than the Galaxy S smartphones, but still with the charming look.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has an amazing camera and near the top side of those, which have the best quality. On the rear, its dual lenses permit for optical, digital zoom, as well as live focus capability, which enables you to do all types of results, for example, blurring features even after you have taken the shot.

Battery life: Battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not quite best; you can thank the big screen and slimmer style for that. However, it will still last you all day unless you are streaming a lot of movies or using it with the brightness.

Mini verdict: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a high priced cell phone, only just behind the iPhone X in conditions of the out-and-out price. It seems that with the Note 9 beginning to be whispered about the price is becoming less of a problem.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus reviews

best mobile phones reviews and buying guide 2

Although this smartphone was not much different enough to its more compact brother in 2022, suddenly a little price fall has seen it jump forward of it recently and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Plus still one of the top smartphones around right now with the best prices now available in the market.

You can get awesome images in many conditions, the screen is pin-sharp and it is just enhanced several of places on this list thanks to a nifty price fall recently.

Screen: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Plus with its 6.2-inch screen, actually called an Infinity Display by Samsung, is a well-made combination of metal and glass. It seems outstanding in the hand, thanks to a rolling style and like the other Galaxy models in this list; Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Plus is water-resistant, to the level of an IP67.

Camera: You is a top combination of auto mode and pro settings for those that like to dig a little further – Apple’s images are more often than not pin-sharp, and the image really highlights your images. It does not have the dual sensor and low-light abilities of the S9 Plus, but it is an outstanding entertainer for those who do not need the high-end best smartphones.

Battery life: Battery is superior on the Galaxy S8 Plus when we compare to the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S9, thanks to having a bigger battery power in there without much more try to do, as it will easily last most people a day or so.

Mini verdict: Do not let the age put you off – this is still an immensely highly effective cellphone with an effective specifications list. The screen, digital camera, and style are still top quality, and while not as effective as the S9 Plus, it is a lot more affordable thanks for longer sale in the market.

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  1. OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 reviews

best Apple iOS phone for 2022

The OnePlus 6 represents outstanding value in comparison to its opponents, with an effective program put together for far less of your financial price range than you might expect given the specifications and efficiency of it.

Screen: The negative factor here is that we are looking at a Full HD screen, but it is a long 19:9 ratio with a degree at the top. It does not have HDR, but it does have reasonable OLED comparison ratio.

Battery life: Although OnePlus 6 use the thirsty Snapdragon 845 chipset, yet its Battery life is more than reasonable, with it mostly landing on around 15% left at the end of the day through medium use.

Camera: A dual 16 MP camera on the rear, mixed with a 16 MP option for the front, signifies that you will get some reasonable images out of this cellphone. There’s no ‘AI smarts’ to have fun it, but ultimately you are getting awesome low-light work and good quality mode.

Mini verdict: Sure, there is nothing here that really exceptional, except the price. The screen, design, battery timing, and camera are all more than functional, and the operating system is fairly near to stock Android. There is a lot of storage space available here too, making it a simple recommendation.

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  1. iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus reviews

th best mobile phones reviews and buying guide 2022

No doubt, iPhone X is the cellphone to buy if you want the best from Apple right now, but if you are more of a traditionalist, you will really like the acquainted stylings of the iPhone 8 Plus. It is got an effective HD camera and all the ability of the X and an easier-to-understand interface if you are a long-time iOS customer.

Screen: The iPhone 8 Plus comes with the 5.5-inch screen which is great and contains essential improvements to large reproduction and hot temperature too.   So when we focus on images, they look more lifelike and clean. It is not as distinct as the screens on some of the best smartphones but the inclusion of Real Tone tech, you will see it on the iPad Pro, indicates you get the best quality of images.

Battery life: Battery of the iPhone 8 Plus is also great, but not exceptional. You will normally be able to survive a complete day without leading up but when you have the screen fired from morning to night, you may end up just scraping.

Camera: the camera of iPhone 8 Plus is no doubt amazing, with two 12MP lenses on the rear merging to deliver outstanding images even in low light, and the dual sensors making some, refined and fantastic blurred-background portrait images.

Mini verdict: It is still a top iPhone and ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade but does not want to pay the eye-watering price instructed by the iPhone X. It is fairly far down the list, but that is more to do with an amazing array of Android smartphones around, providing an outstanding experience for your tight budget. But if you are sticking with Apple, the iPhone 8 Plus is the best selection for you in reasonable price.

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  1. Honor 10

Honor 10 smartphones reviews

best mobile phones for 2022 reviews and buying guide

The latest Honor 10 cellphone is the best cellphones in our list because it keeps the price exceptionally low. You will love to have a good smartphone in your hand on the low-cost budget that will not empty your wallet.

Screen: The Honor 10 screen has the… you have guessed it. It is an LCD screen so does not have the competition with the Galaxy S9 or the OnePlus 6. It is ‘only Full HD’, but for the price, it is outstanding and more than does the job.

Battery life: You probably would not get a complete day’s battery power out of this cellphone every day, but generally, it is reasonable. Not the best on the marketplace and we are used to Honor slugging more battery power into its handsets, but at 3,400-mAh it is a too small touch.

Camera: The Honor 10 struggles here a little, although the 16MP + 24MP sensors perform well in tandem. Some of the AI methods worked very well together at periods, but it was not always handling and improving the image in the way you’d want before displaying it to you.

Mini verdict: Honor smartphones are often the same – but that is no very bad factor. This is a product that is challenging, and while it is left out not, quite got the expertise of smartphones a lot more costly, it is valued verifying the cellphone out now – you will never anticipate the charming split screen colors on the rear.

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  1. Huawei P20

Huawei P20 smartphones reviews

best mobile phones for 2022 reviews and buying guide

When it comes to the best Huawei cell phone, is clearly the Huawei P20 Pro with the super-elegant digital camera, dual speakers, and awesome battery power. That is a cell phone for the ability customer, and if you like, the style in a bit more compact, more affordable program, and then looks at Huawei P20.

Screen: The screen looks outstanding in most lights, with the sharpness not going to eye-hurting levels. It looks just excellent, and the way it pushes to the edges of the bezels amazes too. It is not the best on the marketplace and yet it is only Full HD, but we’ are OK with that.

Battery life: Battery, like the screen, is also just excellent, making it to around 10 PM on average use. That seems sensible given little-sized power package in there, and it is still better than some other smartphones on this list.

Camera: The dual digital camera provides loads of results, and the images are improved thanks to the inbuilt software making the best out of what you are shooting. There are also 960 fps super slow motion videos, which is what many best smartphones are providing.

Mini verdict: The Huawei P20 is the ideal cellphone with an effective style, and the kind of specifications list you would anticipate for the price. It will return someone willing to have fun with the settings a little, as it is a very functional cellphone indeed.

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  1. LG V30

LG V30 smartphones reviews

best Apple iOS phone of 2022

The LG V30 is a gently an awesome cell phone, packed with many techniques. It is providing some of the top specifications around and does it with an effective battery power, as well as being a sound marvel… ideal if you like listening to tunes on the go.

Screen: The LG V30 sports the one of the best and stylish 18:9 speed with a beautiful 6-inch OLED display screen with 2880 x 1440 resolution quality. While there are still bezels, the cellphone looks amazing.

Battery life: Battery power is one of the LG V30’s finest features, easily last one day and if you are the rare user, it could potentially go two days charging.

Camera: The V30’s digital camera is great – you will be able to take images in all conditions and be happy with them. However, it is not quite as effective as the HD camera on the Pixel 2, the iPhone X or Samsung S9 smartphones.

Mini verdict: The LG V30  is the best smartphone, we have found introduced by LG company. It is got the most effective processer around, an outstanding camera and it delivers one of the best sonic performances from a cellphone on the marketplace right now.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones reviews

best Apple iOS phone reviews and buying guide 2022

The Galaxy S8 by Samsung looked space age when it was launched, and the Galaxy S9 apes. It is not the top cellphone in Samsung’s range, but it is jolly near and it seems that suppliers are beginning to lower price it both SIM-free, which is why it is good in our list.

Screen: The screen of Galaxy S8 by Samsung was the very best on the marketplace and it is still now a top entertainer, 18.5:9 speed that stretches remarkably up and down the cellphone – very just like that on the present Galaxy S9. With highly effective color reproduction and comparison speed that makes everything look obvious and sharp, it is also got the QHD quality that we anticipate from all the top smartphones.

Battery life: Battery, despite being more compact than in previous devices from Samsung, is still reasonable. It is not awesome, but it is not very far from the efficiency of the Galaxy S9 and will last around a day… although you might want a little top up, which can be reached easily through a radio charger or the speedy adaptor in the box.

Camera: the camera of Galaxy S8 is still extremely effective, despite being usurped by the S9. The auto mode provides sharp, clean and obvious images. There is an easy-to-use pro method as well to get the best out of your snapping.

Mini verdict: This is the cell phone to go for if you want an effective entertainer and do not mind it is a little old. As such, it is cheaper it was at launch and thus provides amazing value your cash can buy. It will do the job for years to come, too – so if you buy this cell phone you will manage an outstanding few years out of it.

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Final Verdict

You are at the end of the details, but that does not mean we can’t help you still – if you are stuck on which model is for you, we have a device that can compare all the best smartphones together and you can decide which one you prefer best based on the price.