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Sony X930E HDR TV Review

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Sony X930E HDR TV is an outstanding 2022 kind of 4K TVs that provides amazing the picture quality, whatever light condition of the space where it is used. Each aspect of show specifications like the comparison, black level, lighting, black uniformity, and color are very strong which causes it to be is as the one of TVS with the best the picture quality that launched in 2022.

Sony X930E HDR TV

Along with X940E, Sony X930E HDR TV is the top models of Sony’s 2022 4K HDR TV collection. As the top design TV, it is certainly is operated by the number of most innovative technology from its producer which makes its performance of features and picture quality provided is outstanding. However, the opposite of SJ9500, Sony X930E HDR TV uses VA panel which causes it to be has an outstanding black level and native contrast ratio. This certainly makes its performance is outstanding when used in a dark room. However, compared with SJ9500 that has excellent watching position coverage, it has poor side watching angle coverage that means picture shown on its display will look degraded when considered from a position.

Picture Quality

The picture quality of Sony X930E HDR TV is the significant advantage of Sony X930E series, even it is alleged offer better performance than the forerunner due to the developments of some technology behind it. One of the developments of X930E over the forerunner X930D series is about its picture engine where it is operated by 4K HDR Processer X1 Extreme that comes with additional some technology included inside it such as Object-based HDR Remaster, Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR and Dual Data Base Processing, technology. As we know, X1 Extreme is first used on the leading of 2022 design Z9D series

Side Watching Angle

Side Watching Angle is the negative side of Sony X930E HDR TV. As a VA TV, this something that is affordable considering spoor part watching position is a local attribute of VA Panel. Color and comparison will start to decline at around 20 levels off center and front of the panel. In addition, of course, the broader position you are watching from, the picture will look more degraded. So, watch TV on-screen of Sony X930E HDR TV from part watching position should be prevented if you don’t want to lose the quality of the picture.

Sony X930E HDR TV

Motion Managing and 24p Playbacks

Sony X930E HDR TV provides outstanding movement handling when it was showing video material with many quick-paced moments like sports program or quick films. It is due to its pixel reaction time is very quick. The result, there is only small paths following quick paced things and this certainly is very excellent. MotionFlow XR960 technology located in 120Hz renew ratio panel, this will make it is an outstanding TV when used for watching films. . Regardless of it is 24p alerts like films from Blu-Ray, 24p via 60i alerts like films from satellite TV. 24p via 60p alerts like films, Sony X930E HDR TV is able to show off them efficiently without any judder recognizable.


Like other top quality 4K TVs that available in the market, Sony X930E HDR TV is also built with 4 HDMI slots and 3 USB slots as their significant connection. 1 HDMI slot has one hand and 3 HDMI slots are set up on the base of the panel, while for USB ports, 2 slots are below and 1 slot is on one hand of the panel.


HDR performance of Sony X930E HDR TV is also outstanding that allows you to enjoy HDR content like what was designed by HDR technology itself. Even not only HDR 10, it also already facilitates HLG and Dolby vision. Special for HLG, there will be a firmware upgrade once the standardization of HLG is verified.

+ Positives:
  • • Deep Black Level and Strong Contrast
  • • Very Bright Peak brightness
  • • Low Input Lag
  • • Great HDR Performance
  • • Good dark room performance
  • • Support Wide Color Gamut
  • • Attractive Android TV
  • • Good Motion Handling
- Negatives:
  • • No 3D Technology
  • • Poor Side Viewing A