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Galaxy J7 Pro Smartphone Review

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We can take apart the overview of Galaxy J7 Pro l and talk about its individual features at length, but it still would not answer a simple question. That portion isn’t complete unless we think about the options and requirements against the asking cost. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro has an excellent screen, good battery power, is well designed, and it has a decent camera. If Samsung chose to make this fast and quick, this would have certainly been the way to go. Instead, an excellent smartphone would have created much more sense at a discounted.

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Galaxy J7 Pro Smartphone

Samsung isn’t known for producing very cheap or cost-effective smartphones, at least not these times. What it is known for is stuffing excellent build quality, amazing screen and very reasonable cameras in almost all the smartphones that they produce. This is the agreement in almost all the Samsung smartphones that we have analyzed previously. Galaxy J7 Pro is expected to leave the same impression towards the customers.

Build and Design quality

If there is something, which can be linked to Samsung, smartphones of previous times few years, it is their remarkable construction. This revolutionary smartphone, with its part metal design, part glass, does not dissatisfy in that division either.

The front side of the smartphone is full glass and has the usual three key system used by Samsung devices. The whole front sideboard is covered by Gorilla glass of unknown requirements. It covers beyond the display over the top side camera, front side screen, and the earpiece.


As mentioned at the start of the evaluation, Samsung smartphones are typically known for their excellent displays. Galaxy J7 Pro is no exemption. Its FullHD AMOLED screen is perfectly suitable for a smartphone in this price range. It offers deep black levels, precise contrast, and excellent color duplication. On top of that, the display is very sharp with a pixel solidity in excess of 400 PPI. Considering the price range, there is absolutely nothing, which I can say poorly about the display.

A benefit of the AMOLED board is that Samsung can pack in some offerings like the Always on Screen. What this does is keep the display on in a low power method and provide useful information like the battery time, media controls, pending notification, current time, and much more.

Galaxy J7 Pro Smartphone

Software experience

With the release of Galaxy S8 and S8+ a few months ago, Samsung came out a new and improved consumer experience. Known internal as Samsung TouchWiz Elegance UI and simply known as Samsung experience throughout the smartphone, it is the easiest UX by Samsung yet. It’s constant, fast, and easy to use and looks clean. Overall, the application experience on Samsung has progressed a lot since early TouchWiz times.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is the first mid-range cellphone to feature this new Samsung application experience. It runs as good as on the provided components and there doesn’t seem to any rough edges or stability issues. Its little user interface is easier on the eyes and takes the main focus off of the experience and changes it more towards the actual applications.


Apart from excellent construction and displays, one more factor which Samsung smartphones are known for is their amazing cameras. Samsung makes one of the best smartphones cameras on the market and this cellphone is no exemption. It features 13 MP sensors on both sides of the smartphone. The primary camera has a f/1.7 aperture while the additional camera has a f/1.9 aperture.

The front-facing camera, although is offering the same 13M pixel count, is obviously nowhere close to back camera in top quality. It is a set-focus selfie camera, which works very well for self-portraits and group images. There is also a beauty method, which helps to enhance complexion, eye dimension, and the face dimension. Overall, your performance of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is acceptable and most users will be more than happy with the images taken through the smartphone.


Galaxy J7 Pro is innovative, highly effective and life-changing, but no one uses their full view, companies, and customers as well. A company can only do business if it can make earnings, while customers will only buy the item that includes all the necessities. For that, companies work researching the market to recognize what customers want and find a change of specifications that allow highest possible profits.

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+ Positives:
  • • Premium build quality
  • • Great camera experience
  • • Attractive, sturdy design
  • • Good display
  • • Separate slots for SIMs and SD card
  • • Brilliant display quality
  • • Good battery life
- Negatives:
  • • Price seems a bit high for the whole package
  • • 16 GB internal storage in the base model
  • • Performance is slow
  • • The camera isn't dependable
  • • No fast charging support