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Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck Review

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The Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck is quick, constant and simply fun to drive. Although many RC trucks out there offer higher speed and bodies more designed for racing, the Volcano’s huge wheels as well as approval make it quite efficient in a broader number of landscapes. For this reason, it is your best option for those who just want to party around with friends without getting too aggressive.

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck with 2.4GHz Radio

It comes with a remote control that allows the consumer to handle the car over a 100-yard range. The digital speed operator and servo are both completely water resistant. The 4wd Volcanic EPX truck makes sit able to deal with dust and mud. It comes completely constructed and ready to go.


During our assessments, we consider the top speed, handling and driving abilities for efficiency reviewing of remote control trucks. In these aspects, the Volcanic EPX truck is one of the best RC trucks in our evaluation. While features like these aren’t the most important for every customer, knowledgeable RC lovers will certainly appreciate their value.

The maximum speed we calculated for the Volcanic was 19 mph, just shy of Redcat Racing’s estimated top speed of 20 mph. To be reasonable, we recorded this speed on a brand-new vehicle, and as RC trucks break in, they generally run a little quicker. Once it is damaged in, it is possible that yours will run a little quicker.

Durability & Design

Thanks to the big wheels as well as approval, the Volcanic EPX truck is very resilient. Most misuse is consumed by either its wheels or revocation, so the actual body of your truck does not take much harm. Even when it turned and combined in our assessments, its framework and spend showed more than capable of deflecting harm. It supports this strength with enclosed digital devices supports, which keep it safe from waste and inundating.

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck

Remote Control

The remote control for the Volcanic needs eight AA battery pack power and is about as easy to use as you can expect from a Volcanic EPX truck of this quality. Like most hobby-grade trucks, it uses a 2.4GHz pistol-grip transmitter with proportionate control. While this gives you complete power over your automobile, it also means that it may be too complex for youngsters.

Help & Support

Since these trucks often, hopped, damaged and generally misused, guarantees are generally short for remote control trucks. At just 90 days, the Volcanic EPX’s is actually among the lengthiest in our evaluation. This assurance, however, is restricted, and it’s only useful if something shows to be faulty. Luckily, if something happens to get rid of during normal use, you can easily purchase alternative areas from Redcat Rushing. In fact, you can even update areas for enhanced efficiency.

For help, you can seek advice from the instructions or achieve Redcat Rushing assistance by phone or email. In case you’d rather seek advice from the RC group, Redcat Rushing also serves effective boards with a wide variety of subjects.


The Redcat Racing’s Volcanic EPX truck does not have the maximum speed or the longest battery pack, but its big wheels and four-wheel drive make it an outstanding option for different landscape.

Redcat Racing’s Volcanic EPX truck is a monster-style RC truck that, while not being the best for racing on a dust track, is perfect for common whacking. Being designed for off-road use, it can beat through, ascend or release over most of the challenges its activities, and it does it all with amazing balance. The Volcanic EPX has a decent top speed, strong power, and good handling.

+ Positives:
  • • It is quick as well as powerful
  • • The 4WD attribute gives it the capability to advance in different terrain
  • • It has outstanding capability to soak up shock
- Negatives:
  • • The battery pack for the operator does not come with the package they should come separately
  • • The price is high